“Someone seems to be in a very happy mood. So what’s the occasion?” Sumit asked his friend who was in an unusually jolly mood with a big smile and cheerful attitude. Without letting him answer he continued, “Let me guess. You finally had a haircut which didn’t made you feel like shaving it all off?”... Continue Reading →



“Did you kill my daughter?” the older man asked the young man sitting in front of him. The young man was sitting on that chair with his head handing low resting on his chest. He was possibly thinking about something with great intent because it was the third time the old man had asked him... Continue Reading →


She was sitting by the pool with her beautiful manicured feet sinking in the chlorine water. Splashing a little and making ripples in the pool with repeated dangle on the water. The repeated oscillatory synchronized motion of her legs on the pool was making the only sound in the vicinity to disturb the surrounding silence... Continue Reading →


The night was getting young shadowing this side of the world with a black velvet cover of darkness. He was sitting on the porch of his small house on an old swinging chair just rocking back and forth slowly but steadily. The gun was lying gently on the table by his side within reach of... Continue Reading →


“Look at this photo and tell me what do you see?” The doctor held out a card in front of him with a picture of classic scenery with mountains, streams and trees but in a shaded way. Any normal person could easily explain the picture. He looked at the card with his deep blue eyes... Continue Reading →


“Give me the gun, son!” The police officer screamed. “That is not a toy to be playing with. You could hurt someone, even yourself.” He could not have picked a worse day to rob a bank. He could have walked away with a bag full of cash any day of the year had it not... Continue Reading →


The night was silent and the chilling winter waves were possibly the main reason for it. The freezing cold had forced even the night creatures to stay in warmer places so that their asses don't get frozen to death. The whole jungle had come to a standstill apart from some random howling or hooting here... Continue Reading →


“What do you want for your last meal?” The jailor asked the inmate. The inmate looked at the jailor who was standing on the other side of the bars. He stood up from the age old bed where he had spent the last decade and walked up to the bars. He looked in to the... Continue Reading →


“There is hundred of places I could be and hundred of things I could be doing but I would rather be with you, here doing nothing. Absolutely nothing, my dear! I know I have never been the man you wanted me to be because I was away trying to be someone I never was. You... Continue Reading →

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